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关于英语四级题型,何以把控的理应便是优秀作文,那麼难题就来了,大学英语四级题型作文题到底都有哪些呢?今日笔者就给我们归纳一下,有关大学英语四级题型中的作文题,期待能够帮助到大伙儿。    一、状况表明    比如:举例子院校中的舞弊状况。    Currently, college students in growing numbers are seeking to cheat in exams. According to a recent survey made by Mary Wang, head editor of the 21st Century, there are about 38.6% who had some cheating behaviors at college, even in College English Test. Such a phenomenon has caused wide public concern.    二、比照    比如:对于于大学毕业以后的随意选择。    “Should college students go to work immediately or pursue their post graduate study after graduation? ”When it comes to such a question, people’s opinion varies widely from person to person. Some people consider . In their eyes, . Besides, is also an important factor for ......    三、根本原因    比如:很多当代大学生去找接近工作中的根本原因。

    After careful consideration, we can find three possible reasons to account for this trend. First of all, the expansion and amalgamation of universities provide chances for more students to receive higher education, but the job market cannot develop at the same speed. What’s more, the situation is even worse with those students who unanimously chose the “hot” majors such as economics and accounting. In the third place, many students think too highly of themselves—they choose not to work at all if they are not satisfied with the job. They may think the pay is not satisfactory or the job is not decent at all.    四、个人见解诠释    比如:对于于大学生参军。    In my mind, I welcome this practice with applause. For one thing, the strict training will be invaluable to a young man, making him stronger both in body and in mind. For another, college students will help improve the quality of PLA soldiers as a whole, because they possess professional knowledge and skills. In addition, it is also a crucial move to help students be more patriotic and responsible, linking personal fortune with future of our motherland.    五、看图片讲出    比如:影片与电视机的难题    During the period between 1975 and 1985, film-goers declined abruptly from 85,000 to about 12,000, while TV-watchers increased sharply from 5,000 to more than 100,000. Several reasons can account for this phenomenon, Compared with a film, TV is much cheaper and more convenient-you don’t have to leave your house at all. Apart from that, you have many choices while watching TV, but film concentrates on a certain topic. However, there are still a number of people who enjoy going to the cinema, generally for two reasons.    六、信类的文章内容    比如:说动信,不必撤出四级考试    Dear Mary,    Thank you for your letter dated June 2 which I received today. In the letter you said you wanted to give up the CET4 exam, and I am writing in the hope that you could hold up your spirit to take the exam and eventually pass it.    As you mentioned, English listening is your terrible dream. You can try the tape I sent to you with this letter. The tape was made by our college English teacher, which helped me a lot. You can also do some listening in the morning every day. As for your vocabulary, you need to remember the words with sentences. Thirdly, you need to read at least 2 passages every day for the reason that reading takes much marks in the CET 4, and it can enlarge your vocabulary at the same time. I wish you can take my advice and pursue your English study. May you get a high mark in the coming CET 4. If there is anything I can help, please let me know.    Sincerely yours,    Li Ming    2019英文四级题型分析!试题何以腹,将这几种的作文题型背下来铭记,英文四级题型精彩纷呈就能拿下!。









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